The Most Underrated Candle Diamond Products You Need To Know

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Whenever someone wishes to buy a diamond, the thought comes to mind that a few dollars can’t get the job done. But every Foreverwick candle offers a candle diamond that will fulfill your desire to have that precious stone. The amazing fact is that you’ll probably pay $50 or more and can expect to get a diamond of up to $12,000. No doubt, it sounds too odd, but it is a reality, not a dream. The diamonds in a candle increase the worth of scented candles which have already gained much popularity among the masses.

The real diamonds in the Foreverwick candles will increase your happiness when the entire wax melts. You’ll forget the tension of purchasing a new candle at opening the golden foil and seeing a real diamond in front of you. In addition, the Diamond Rewards Program of Foreverwick Candles Co. gives you the opportunity to exchange your collected diamonds for 14k white gold jewelry or gold rings or earrings. So, enjoy two remarkable products by paying for only one.

Candle Diamond Are Best For…

Friends or loved ones about whom we are much concerned. And when we want to give them a gift, any low-quality present doesn’t catch our eyes. What if you buy one present, but it has another gift inside that is too expensive?

Yes, that’s pretty possible now because ring candles are introduced in the world of scented candles. These candles not only mesmerize you with their superb scents but also astonish the users with beautiful jewelry, often a ring or necklace. After enjoying hours of remarkable fragrance, finding a ring at the bottom of the candle’s vessel is undoubtedly a unique feeling. So, a ring candle will bring your loved ones much closer to you when they come across such pricey jewelry.

Features of Foreverwick Candles – Candle Diamond

Never compromise on quality when you buy anything. That’s the reason we are recommending Foreverwick candles, which will always become a reason for your happiness. You’ll be proud of your choice that you preferred a top-notch brand for filling your home with classy scents and your jewelry box with precious diamonds.

The materials used in a product determine its overall performance. If we look at its features, we don’t find anything which a customer will feel odd. The soy wax is pure and natural, so you’ll enjoy a clean burn. It means no hazardous elements would be flowing in your surroundings but creating a relaxing and soothing environment for you and your family.

The average size of Foreverwick candles is 10-16 oz, and the price ranges from $30-$75. You’ll definitely receive a gift of 0.25 ct diamond at the finishing point of the candle. It offers 70 hours of burn time.

This well-known company produces body products, bath products, and diamond lockets other than scented candles. All of its products are made up of high-quality materials.

How Did Foreverwick Candle Co Start?

The concept of Foreverwick Candle CO came to the mind of its owners after having the first date. When it was difficult to get apart after dinner, they decided to go shopping and bought a candle. That candle was burnt, and many memorable moments they spent together. The ambiance that the candle created had a great impact on their mind. Finally, the time came when the candle finished. And, it was so heartbreaking to throw out something which was a companion of every enchanting moment. That was when the crazy concept of Foreverwick Candle Co came into being. By putting a diamond in the candle, Foreverwick Candle Co has given a physical shape to your memories that you never want to forget.

It is a Chicago-based company that started in a small space and extended to 3000 sq ft over time. They use pure natural soy wax, unique fragrances, cotton wicks, and sturdy glass jars to ensure consumer satisfaction. It is one of the finest candle manufacturing companies which comes with real GIA-certified diamonds. The Foreverwick candles have a good approximate retail value. You can check the reviews of the previous customers who are pretty satisfied with the superb business strategies of Foreverwick Candle Co.

How much Money Are You Ready To Invest In Candle Diamond?

If you think that diamond candles would be too expensive and out of everyone’s range, that’s not true. The candle diamond products prizes range from a minimum price of $15 to the higher $5000. That’s up to the customers how much they are willing to spend on a Foreverwick candle. No matter how much budget you have, you can buy a Foreverwick candle to enjoy the pleasure of finding a diamond after experiencing a superb scent. Instead of looking for discounts, you can buy a less pricey candle because you’ll still get a diamond in it.

What matters a lot is the high-quality material that Foreverwick Candles come with. Moreover, these candles present you with the gift of GIA-certified diamonds that you would love to use as jewelry.

Are Foreverwick Candles Diamond Real? How Much Are They Worth?

The interesting fact is that Foreverwick Candles have all-natural, earth-mined, and genuinely cut diamonds. So, you can buy these candles without any doubt. Furthermore, the manufacturers have access to real diamonds that are less expensive than market rates. They pass on that discount to their users to let them get the real diamonds by spending a few bucks. You could get a diamond worth $300 to $12,000, as it includes different-sized diamonds in different candles. Every candle contains 0.25 ct diamond, but you can expect to get more than that size. Now it’s up to your luck which size diamond you find in your candle.

What Can You Do With These Candle Diamond?

The value of a diamond can be asked from ladies who are fond of jewelry. You can use the diamond from the candle diamond product for different jewelry items. The other way to use them is to exchange them with the company through the Diamond Rewards Program. Collect the diamonds from the candles you burn. Then you can set them in gold or white earrings or rings that are 14k in weight. All you have to do is collect at least 10 0.03 ct diamonds for exchange.

Types of Foreverwick Candles

Why are Foreverwick candles gaining popularity over time? Because there is a variety of different candles designed according to different needs of the customers. You can choose a candle that is perfect for you. The categories of Foreverwick candles are as follows:

  1. Fusion
  2. Sparkle
  3. Limited Edition
  4. Signature Scent
  5. 4 Wick Candles
  6. Double Candles
  7. Chakra Candles
  • The Fusion products make a unique blend of various fragrances. Such a mixture creates new fragrances which attract the people who are always searching for something new.
  • The Sparkle candles make your loved ones’ birthday celebrations more enchanting by sparkling when burned. The cake-cutting moments become more interesting when you use these candles.
  • Limited Edition candles, as the title reveals, are available for only a limited time.
  • The Signature Scents features various scents and staples like Love Spell, Vanilla, and Rose.
  • 4 Wick candles have four wicks which is a plus point. The benefits of more wicks are rapid and smoother burning. The wax melts even, which causes a great scent throw that is ideal for large rooms.
  • Foreverwick candles’ Double Diamonds are the candles including two wicks.
  • Last but not least, Chakra Candles are so eye-catchy because of their incredible outlook. The crystals inside the wax are added for focusing your body’s specific chakras. So, these candles have a spiritual value also.

Now it’s time to break your curiosity about knowing the candle diamond products we are bringing here for you. So, start exploring our chosen Foreverwick candles.

1- Cinnamon Vanilla 4 Wick Diamond Candle

Cinnamon Vanilla 4 Wick Diamond Candle

Do you want to get a candle diamond that is hidden in a candle having more burn time? Cinnamon Vanilla 4 Wick Diamond Candle comes with 120 hours of burn time, letting you enjoy the remarkable aroma for a longer period. Moreover, the extended burn time keeps you relaxed as you step into the house.

What makes it special is its polished diamond that is genuinely cut and will definitely catch your eye. Every candle contains 0.25 ct diamond, and you can expect to get bigger gifts. When using this fragrant candle, you may get ¼ tcw earrings, 1 ct diamond, or a diamond of different sizes. So, enjoy the incredible fragrance with amazing gifts that will make your day. If you order it for a loved one, he or she will love your choice also.

If you are a health-conscious person and don’t want to use any unhygienic product, this one is best for you. Because these candles contain wicks that are free from Zinc and Lead, that means you’ll use a 100% safe forever candle. So, you and your kids will be safe from any health danger by using this forever candle. The four cotton wicks burn evenly and produce mesmerizing scent in your entire room.

For more ease, it contains an airtight lid that is good for the time when the candle is not in use.

If we talk about its scent, it is a fine blend of clove, cinnamon, nutmeg, cream, and vanilla bean that produces an enticing aroma. The warm, sweet and sensual fragrance of this soy candle will make the winter season refreshing for you. With the usage of this candle, within a limited time, your room will be filled with enormous fragrance.


  • Includes natural soy wax.
  • 4 cotton wicks.
  • 120 hours of burn time.
  • Comes with an airtight lid.
  • 2.5 ct diamond.


  • Not ideal for people looking for anything other than woody notes.

2- Love Spell Diamond Candle

Love Spell Diamond Candle

Love Spell Diamond Candle is an outclass product with impressive features. There are 1 or 2 diamonds in a candle, so it’s up to you, either keep both for you or give one of them to a loved one. The candle diamond is genuinely cut and perfectly polished to let you send it as a gift. That’s a simple way to spread the love by spending a little amount but presenting an expensive real diamond to someone special.

The fragrance is all that makes you purchase a scented candle again and again. This Foreverwick candle diamond comes with apple, grapefruit, peach, vanilla, and hydrangea combo, which is an ideal choice for all floral and fruity scent lovers. These different scents can keep you energized the entire day.

You’ll feel love in the air when this forever candle is around you. You can enjoy its superb aroma when watching movies or tv series the entire night. It’s a better option for date nights because it will create an amazing ambiance that you might not have experienced before. You’ll never regret your choice of a scented candle once you use it.

The candle is available in 14 ounces and burns for 70 hours. So, you can get along with that; the natural soy wax is fully safe to use, which ensures clean burn. The 4 wicks are totally zinc and lead-free, which means no hazardous element will be in your surroundings.

A fantastic gift is also added to this incredible candle diamond product that will make you astonished. You may get a reserved rose or a bouquet of seven roses which lasts for three years. Just keep it away from direct sunlight and more humidity. And make sure you always keep them indoors and away from water.


  • Impressive fruity and floral scent.
  • 70 hours of burn time.
  • Offers 1 or 7 preserved roses.
  • 4 wicks burn evenly.
  • Premium soy wax.
  • Awesome customer service.


  • Not suitable for those looking for more burn time.

3- Crown Chakra – Crystal & Diamond Candle

Crown Chakra - Crystal and Diamond Candle

If you’re into meditation and want a peaceful environment, along with making other arrangements, use Crown Chakra – Crystal & Diamond Candle too. It not only opens but also aligns your consciousness, spiritual connection, intelligence, enlightenment, and serenity. Adding amethyst crystals in the wax gives you a full package to achieve a higher spiritual level. Experience the unique energies of Crown Chakra that boost your energy of spirituality.

The sweet and woody fragrance of sandalwood, along with myrrh and frankincense, creates a relaxing ambiance all around. If you want to feel a soft and warm scent every time you step into your living room, this candle diamond product is just made for you. The amethyst crystals look too eye-catchy while they have an extraordinary impact on the overall performance of the candle.

When it comes to diamonds in a candle, it contains approximately ct of 0.25 in each candle. But it’s up to your fortune. You may get approximately ct earrings of 1/4 or 1 ct diamond. Or, you may get a diamond of a different size than the aforementioned diamonds. The genuine cut and impressively polished diamonds will take your happiness to another level when you find them.

Providing clear burn for up to 70 hours. In addition, soy wax is natural and fully suitable for living environments. For enhancing its functionality, this forever candle contains zinc and lead-free wicks. Just trim the wicks over time for perfect burning.


  • Zinc and lead-free wicks.
  • 14 ounces weight.
  • Sandalwood, myrrh, and Frankincense scent notes.
  • Creates a soothing and warm environment.


  • The simple design of the vessel.

4- Unicorn Sweat Sparkle Diamond Candle

Unicorn Sweat Sparkle Diamond Candle

Make every day of a year memorable by using Unicorn Sweat Sparkle Diamond Candle. This second-to-none candle diamond product is worth paying for the money you spend for it. The customers will love the way it fills your entire room with enchanting fragrance for the whole day long. The long scent throw is one of the enormous features it comes with. The outstanding sale service of this phenomenal candle keeps the customers satisfied that they are spending dollars on a good product.

The two wick design is quite better than single wick candles that lack clean burning. Moreover, its large size, 18oz, makes it well-adjusted with every home decor.

As you’ll put your first glance on it, its classy and colorful outlook will force you instantly say “Wow.” The topping of blue flakes melts into the wax and provides a magnificent visual experience. So, burning that candle will become a fun activity for you. Because it not only produces mesmerizing fragrance but comes with a better outlook too.

Its perfect sweet and fruity scent notes of pina colada make you feel like having fresh pineapples around. Attractive and energizing fruity fragrance keeps you going no matter how tired you are.

The 70 hours of burn time, soy wax, and high-quality wicks are some of the impressive features of this candle diamond product. The diamonds in a candle are the real charm for many customers. That’s the reason this Foreverwick candle offers GIA’s natural and real diamonds to take your happiness to another level.


  • Natural and high-quality soy wax.
  • Remarkable outlook.
  • Zinc and lead-free two wicks.
  • Exotic blue flakes as the topping.
  • Includes polished and genuine cut diamond.


  • Nothing that we don’t love about these candles!

5- 24K Magic Sparkle Diamond Candle

24K Magic Sparkle

24K Magic Sparkle Diamond Candle is the best candle diamond product that is purely hand-poured in the USA. Made with full care to let every quality lover experience a perfect forever candle. Introducing a sparkling collection that produces a soothing smell and proves as perfect home decor. It is topped with 24k gold flakes, making it different from other scented candles in that price range.

The fresh fragrance of jasmine, along with the soothing fruity scent of melon, helps you to enjoy a calm and peaceful environment. Whenever you’re tired of your hectic routine chores and want to spend some time in a relaxing ambiance, light up this candle. And enjoy every moment of your life.

You will love its marvelous scent and the polished and genuinely cut diamonds. The diamonds in a candle are a precious gift for the users. Along with that, the 2-wick design ensures clean and even burning. Keep on trimming the wicks for better results.

Soy wax is the ideal wax used in most Foreverwick candles.

If you’re looking for a candle diamond product with a stronger scent throw that can fill up your entire room, this one is what you’re searching for. It is available in an 18oz vessel which is best for large spaces.


  • Ensures clean burn.
  • Topped with 24k gold flakes.
  • Jasmine and melon’s phenomenal scent.
  • Entirely hand-poured in the USA.
  • Strong scent throw.


  • Nothing that we don’t love about these candles!

Final Verdict

Here, we discussed the candle diamond products and information related to Foreverwick candles. The real diamonds are certified by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). Not only will the diamonds make you glad, but the top-notch materials used in these candles increase their credibility. The premium quality soy wax, more wicks, embellished glass vessels, and enormous scents will force the guests to appreciate your choice.

Another amazing fact about these marvelous candles is the varying prices. You don't need to break into the bank to fulfill your wish of getting a diamond from your scented candle. The budgeted candles are also available on our list that we selected from the wide range of Foreverwick candles. So, if you ever want to experience a quality candle, give these candles a try that we presented in this blog for you.

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