Diffuser Refill: The Essentials You Need to Know

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Do you need a diffuser refill to keep your home full of adorable fragrances? We got your back. Here in this guide, we discuss some of the best oil refills for reed diffusers with remarkable features.

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If you’re obsessed with your wellness and self-care, you must be using essential oils to keep yourself relaxed. No doubt, the fragrance is why people buy essential oil, but it is perfect for aromatherapy. Aromatherapy helps a lot in fighting various mental and physical illnesses, for example, pain, nausea, and stress. Even some hospitals are initiating the use of essential oil for the mental wellbeing of their patients.

Some people think a reed diffuser is just a luxury, but that’s not true. It lasts for months and consistently spreads the fragrance day and night. The relaxation, soothing effect, and ambiance it creates have a very positive impact on your mood. The guests coming to your home will love the incredible environment you have created through amazing fragrances.

Let’s explore the superb diffuser refills we have selected for you. But before that, you must see the essential points you should consider before making a purchase.

Buying Guide for the Best Diffuser Refills

If you’re buying the diffuser refills for the first time, you have to be more cautious. Just keep the subsequent points in mind, and you’ll end up purchasing something awesome.

1- Fragrance

It is the first and foremost thing to consider when buying a diffuser refill. If you are ok with your previous fragrance, that’s pretty fine, but if you want to try a new scent, then think too deep. Make a thoughtful decision about which fragrance you desire to whiff for the next few months. When you are petty sure about your preference, only then make a purchase. Or, your hard-earned money will be wasted on stuff that you might not use again.

2- Alcohol-Free

The diffuser refills are an excellent addition to your rooms but always remember, oil refills for reed diffusers must be alcohol-free. Because alcohol scents evaporate rapidly. The older scents and diffuser refills had more alcohol, but then the trend changed. The alcohol of high density replaced older alcohol that used to be volatile and light. But heavier alcohol is not good for health.

Now, the modern room diffuser refills are made alcohol-free. Therefore make sure that your preferred fragrance is free of alcohol so that you and your loved ones remain safe from such dangerous elements.

3- Quantity of Oil

The quantity of oil is one of the essential factors to consider. Because the shelf life of essential oil is not too long, so be cautious about this matter. Try to use it before the expiry date of your chosen product. Only purchase that amount of diffuser refill that you need for a particular time. Once you keep on using them, you will know how much amount is sufficient. Keep the size of the room in your mind also. Because the bigger the place, the more the quantity of oil refills for reed diffusers would be required.

diffuser refill; oil diffuser refills; reed diffusers; essential oil diffusers
Photographer: volant | Source: Unsplash

4- Safe for Pets

If you have pets at home, extra care should be given to find the right diffuser refill. The reason is that cats and dogs have a much stronger smelling sense than humans. So, they may get irritated with some specific sharp fragrances.

But if you are having pets at home but still need a diffuser refill, don’t worry; every problem has a solution. Try to keep the reed diffuser in those parts of your house where your pets seldom go. Bathrooms and home offices are the ideal places to keep the reed diffusers. If you’re keeping it in the main room, then ventilation should be proper.

As natural fragrances are generally safe for pets and children, you should prefer them. Jasmine, rose, lavender, or any other floral or natural fragrance is an optimum solution for that issue. But avoid pine and citrus fragrances.

5- Material of Container

Another factor that might not seem that important, but actually it is, is to see the material of the container. The diffuser refills are primarily available in plastic or glass bottles. It’s better to choose the oil refills for reed diffusers that are packed in glass bottles. This is because some fragrance oils are not suitable for plastic. Then the better option we have is the glass because it can sustain for long. You have to keep it carefully in a safe place to ensure no falling off.

6- Frequency to change refill diffusers

When you use a new reed diffuser, the maximum life of reeds is six months. Sometimes your reeds expire before that time period because it depends much on how you use them. After six months, it’s good to change the reeds and purchase a diffuser refill to experience a refreshing feel.

Without any further ado, let’s move on to the diffuser refills to let you decide if any of them fits your need and preference.

7- Factors Affecting the Life Span of the Reed Diffusers

Many factors can affect the life span of your diffuser. Some are related to the diffuser itself, while some are external factors.

Let’s talk about the factors associated with the diffuser itself.

  1. Try to use the bottle with a narrow opening in which you’ll pour the diffuser refill because wider openings make the oil evaporate directly instead of letting the reeds do this.
  2. Another thing is that cheap diffuser refills are made up of synthetic chemicals, which diffuse more quickly. Thicker oils last longer.

Now let’s discuss the external factors. Heat is the major factor that can cause the oils to evaporate quickly. Draughty conditions dry the reeds comparatively much faster. But keeping reed diffusers in the cool and darkroom that is not exposed to draughts can last longer.

1- Urban Naturals Ocean Mist & Sea Salt Scented Oil Reed Diffuser Refill

Urban Naturals Ocean Oil Reed Diffuser Refill is an incredible diffuser refill with remarkable features. It is a blend of violet leaf, aquatic musk, salt spray, driftwood, and seagrass. All these fragrances make a perfect combo for mesmerizing you every time you’re around it.

This oil refill for reed diffusers is cost-effective because every 4 oz bottle lasts for more than three months. It means you can get free from the tension of buying a new diffuser refill for the next three months. So, enjoy subtle and amazing fragrances without putting any burden on your budget. Everyone coming to your home will get in love with the scent surrounding your home.

You can keep this diffuser refill in the kitchen, living room, bathroom, or any place you want to smell its remarkable aroma. The interesting thing is that you have to do nothing but put the reed sticks and oil diffuser in the vase or any bottle. It lasts for months, and you have to flip the reeds after a week, and it will keep spreading the superb aroma. It is maintenance-free, elegant, and simple to use but diffuses scent day and night consistently.

As it is safe to use and free of flames, so you can keep it in your kids’ bedroom also. It is also safe for your pets. The oil is wholly free of alcohol and made up of high-quality natural extracts; that’s why it is safe for everyone.


  • It is made up of alcohol-free oil.
  • Safe for pets and humans.
  • Lasts for more than three years.
  • A blend of different scent notes.
  • Paraben-free.


  • Not ideal for big rooms.

2- Thymes Reed Diffuser Oil Refill

Do you want the forest fragrance to fill your room? Here is a better option for you. Thymes Reed Diffuser Oil Refill is a remarkable combination of earthly sandalwood and Siberian fir cedarwood. It evokes comfort and warmth to keep you relaxed when you enter the home after a tiring day.

You can use this oil refill with full confidence because the manufacturers have given proper attention and care for making its incredible formula. Not only this diffuser refill is made with the utmost care, but the packaging is also unmatchable. You can give it as a gift to any of your close friends whose birthday is coming soon. Your friend will definitely admire your choice of fragrances.

The clean and fresh fragrance comes with a simply soothing effect and doesn’t overpower. Moreover, if you have pets at home, you can still use this one of the best oil refills for reed diffusers. It causes no harm to animals because vital antioxidants make it highly suitable for every living environment. No parabens or petroleum is added so that you can enjoy a fantastic fragrance made up of natural ingredients.

Rattan diffuser oil reeds release an impressive aroma in the air. The fragrance keeps the environment of your room refreshing. All this becomes possible because of its phenomenal creation. The unique botanical fragrances in combination create an aroma that you might have never experienced before.

It is a better addition to your home to induce a relaxing aroma everywhere. Keep it anywhere in your home or office you want to feel good and reinvigorate.


  • It disseminates mesmerizing forest fragrance.
  • Great packaging.
  • Cruelty-free.
  • Includes no parabens or petroleum.
  • Crisp and fresh.
  • Suitable for wood-themed rooms.


  • It was a bit expensive.
  • Just 7.75 ounces for this price.

3- NEST Fragrances Moroccan Amber Reed Diffuser

NEST Fragrances has introduced this incredible diffuser refill that comes with enormous features. NEST Fragrances Moroccan Amber Reed Diffuser fills your surroundings with a soothing aroma to let you feel refreshed every time. One of its superb features is that it is available in a glass bottle that is ideal for reed diffusers. Moreover, 5.9-fluid ounce lasts longer than 90 days. So, buy once and enjoy the relaxing fragrance for the next three months throughout day and night.

One exciting feature is that this one of the oil refills for reed diffusers is alcohol-free. It means you can relax by smelling this charismatic fragrance without the danger that a dangerous material is spoiling your health.

It combines sweet patchouli, bergamot, Moroccan amber, heliotrope, and a slight hint of eucalyptus. What a combo it is! It creates a refreshing ambiance by producing a phenomenal fragrance consistently. It makes the environment of your home too calm, and it feels like you have different soothing botanical elements around you.

Let the NEST New York spread a continuous fragrance in your home by giving it a try. What makes it more special is its simple and easy use. Just pour this diffuser refill in the vessel, and it will start spreading the fragrance evenly and slowly within no time. Make sure you use the vessel which was previously having the same scent to get better results. Flip the diffuser oil reeds occasionally for a better aroma.

PETA has certified this cruelty-free diffuser refill for its no testing on animals.


  • Cruelty-free.
  • Long-lasting and consistent fragrance.
  • 5.9-fluid ounce refill
  • Alcohol-free.
  • Creates woody aroma.


  • Doesn’t include reed sticks.
  • Not ideal for bigger rooms.
  • Pricey.

4- Capri Blue Oil Diffuser Refill

Capri Blue is the world-famous brand manufacturing various high-quality products for more than 20 years. It produces different products, and Capri Blue Oil Diffuser Refill is one of them gaining the confidence of a huge masses.

Add the colors to your living room to create a more calming ambiance with Capri Blue Oil Diffuser Refill. Its blue color seems good and refreshing, while the unforgettable and long-lasting fragrance diffuses in your entire room for the whole day long.

It is a versatile diffuser refill that you can use with an electric diffuser or reed diffuser. Just put a few drops of this diffuser refill for creating incredible fragrance in your room. You can use any of your favorite electric diffusers with Capri Blue Oil Diffuser Refill. It is also a right fit for use with reed sticks. Enjoy the totally different aroma that comes with sugared citrus and tropical fruit iconic fragrance. It creates amazing, memorable moments and outstanding excitement for making you energized every time.

Your whole living space fills with wonderful scents to keep you mesmerized every time you’re around it. 0.5 Fl Oz bottle lasts for a longer duration. The price is reasonable, so everyone can purchase it without putting a burden on your budget.


  • Long-lasting fragrance.
  • Blend of sugar and citrus notes.
  • Usable with electric diffuser and reed diffuser.
  • Available in a crowd-pleasing vessel.
  • Energizes your surroundings.
  • Affordable price.


  • The amount of oil is too less.

5- Greenleaf Gifts Reed Diffuser Oil Refill

Do you love the aroma of roses and want to have them all the time around you? Here we present Greenleaf Gifts Reed Diffuser Oil Refill that will always diffuse rose fragrance in your home. You will feel the love and romance in the air when using this remarkable diffuser refill in your home. Refresh the air around you with this superb diffuser refill that makes you feel like having a bouquet of roses in your room. So, experience a robust mesmerizing rose fragrance that doesn’t overpower but keeps the environment revitalized throughout the day.

It is one of the ideal oil refills for reed diffusers that lasts longer for up to 3 months. If your pockets are not too deep, don’t worry. You can still make your home full of spellbinding fragrances because it is available at an affordable price. By spending a few bucks, you can scent your room like a garden.

Photographer: Felicia Buitenwerf | Source: Unsplash

It is available in an 8.5oz quantity that lasts for additional months. So, if you are someone who can’t spend much time shopping over and over, this diffuser refill is a perfect option. Remove the bottle cap and pour this one of the best oil refills for reed diffusers in any bottle, put the reeds, and it’s good to go.

The transparent bottle shows the amount of oil left behind, so you can plan to shop more when it’s running out.


  • Spreads rose fragrance.
  • Lasts for up to 3 months.
  • Comes in an 8.5oz transparent bottle.
  • Ideal for bathroom.
  • Doesn’t overpower.


  • Late shipping.

6- Wax Lyrical Silent Night, Sleep Reed Diffuser Refill

Are you irritated with your previous diffuser refill that is filled in an awkward bottle and you want to replace it with a better option? We have got your back. Wax Lyrical Sleep Reed Diffuser Refill comes in a beautiful bottle that is super easy to open. In the first one or two days, the smell would be too strong, but becomes normal and creates a great environment.

If you are a lover of herbal aroma, you are going to enjoy its fragrance. Keep it in your bedroom and experience a profound sleep every night. But when you’ll be badly tired and desiring to get some soothing and peaceful effect, it will help you sleep well.

It is an awesome companion for sleeping hours because it has patchouli and lavender essential oils. These scents are well-known for relaxing the mind and ensuring restful sleep over time. It makes the overall ambiance too soothing that encourages good sleep. Not only during the night but in the whole day, you’ll feel relaxed and mesmerized. So, you can go out with full energy when getting a good feel the entire night and sniff soothing fragrances in the early morning.

The 200ml bottle is available at an affordable price. Use any diffuser oil reeds with it to experience outclass aroma. Your guests will never want to leave your house.


  • Comes in a beautiful bottle.
  • Easy to use.
  • Perfect for restful night’s sleep.
  • Available in 200ml.
  • Diffuses soothing herbal aroma.
  • Nice packaging.


  • It’s not for the people looking for a strong smell.

Attributes to Look For in a Diffuser Refill

Before buying a diffuser refill, you must check the type of fragrance it offers. Then, see how many ounces you’ll get in that one bottle. If the package includes diffuser oil reeds, check their material. If these are rattan reeds, that’s too good. Reeds made up of bamboo skewers are also desirable for better fragrance.

The oil must be free of alcohol, phthalate, and paraben. Must check the specs to confirm the maximum lifespan of your diffuser refill. By looking into all these factors, you will definitely get a high-quality product for making your environment mesmerizing.

Final Verdict

Finding the correct diffuser refill is undoubtedly a very hectic task for people with less knowledge about them. Some people know what to look for in the perfect oil refills for reed diffusers but have no time to search on their own. That’s why we tried our best to bring some outclass options for you to choose from.

After extensive research, we selected the products mentioned above because we wanted to bring some phenomenal options for you. All the products on our list are too good, but if you like us to suggest one of them, then it’s the first one. Urban Naturals Ocean Mist & Sea Salt Scented Oil Reed Diffuser Refill is our top pick. Its fragrance is soothing, which is a blend of aquatic musk, seagrass, salt spray, driftwood, snd violet leaf. Last longer for more than three months and is affordable also.

At the end of the day, the choice is all yours. Don’t hurry; take your time. Keep your preference in mind and select only the one you want to smell for the next few months.

Good luck with your purchase!

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