Realistic Flameless Candles And What You Need To Know

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Get the lowdown on realistic flameless candles, why they’re so popular, and how they work. We will explain how flameless candles work, how realistic they look, and where to buy them.

Candles are a favorite to set the mood, but they can also be dangerous if you have small children or pets. Plus, most candles burn out much quicker than people expect, which adds up in cost quickly! There's an alternative that looks nearly identical and has all their attractive features but without any risk of fire?

Check this out: Realistic flameless candles. Yes, they come with LED lights just like real ones do. These candles are a great substitute for traditional candles. They are made of wax or plastic and have a small light bulb inside that illuminates them.

Some people like having flameless candles because they don't have to worry about the flame going out, and others love that they can't be blown out by accident. For example, Luminara flameless candles have a moving flame and a led bulb inside. But, you can't find the difference between a real Luminara candle and a Luminara flameless candle.

Flameless candles look more realistic? Aren't they?

Realistic flameless candles can be a great way to add ambiance and aromatherapy without all of the fuss. These flameless, LED candles that look like real flame candles offer an authentic atmosphere in your home while also providing some benefits you wouldn't get from just using natural light alone!

The best part? They diffuse scent and freshen up any room through their diffusers – so not only will they make your space smell better than ever before, but there's no real flame to worry about. There are many different types of realistic flameless candles on the market that look strikingly REAL!

realistic flameless candles; flameless candles; LED candles; fake candles
Photographer: Joshua Rodriguez | Source: Unsplash

Realistic flameless candles are much safer than real ones

A real candle is a beautiful thing. It provides an ambiance that you cannot achieve any other way. People these days are willing to pay a fairly steep price for branded real candles. However, these candles have their own cons. For one, real candles require intensive care to keep them lit and prevent accidental fires from breaking out at home or work.

And that's why fake candles, also known as realistic flameless candles, have now replaced real candles. These safe alternatives, sometimes known as the "melt-less" candle, provide the same zen vibes and last longer than your typical candles. They're battery-operated, handy, kid-friendly, pet-friendly, and worry-free-and don't require a lighter to operate them.

Not only these realistic flameless candles are extremely stylish but also convincingly real. They can jazz up a festive touch to your holiday table, making a candle-centric centerpiece, or just using subtle light.

Realistic flameless LED candles are easy to use

Flameless Led candles have a small LED light on the bottom that makes it look like a real flame is burning. You can illuminate them with a switch or remote control to turn the candles on or off and set timers. The remote has a range of about 15 feet.

Automatic timer features make them easy to use. The realistic flameless candles often have a timer set from one hour to six hours. Each cycle will repeat until you turn the unit off or change it. ​Whatever time you switch the device on, it will start at that exact moment every day and stay on for about 5 to 6 hours.

Life of flameless candle

Most realistic flameless candles have LED lightbulbs and are replaceable when they burn out. The life of the LED is about 50,000 hours. The average battery life for most real-looking flameless candles is about 500 hours. This means that if you burn your candle for two hours a day, the batteries should last you about 250 days. However, if you only light it up once a week, the batteries should last you about 20 months.

realistic flameless candles; flameless candles; LED candles; fake candles
Photographer: Kristina Akopova | Source: Unsplash

Benefits of realistic flameless candles

  • They are much safer than traditional candles because they don't have open flames. Furthermore, they don't drip like real candles.
  • They don't have an open flame, which means no soot or smoke. Also, they're non-toxic.
  • You don't have to worry about candles blowing out by the wind.
  • Realistic flameless candles are great as decorations in the home. They're perfect for outdoor dining since a gentle wind won't put out their battery-operated flames.
  • They come in various shapes and sizes.
  • Some models have timers that turn them off automatically after a certain amount of time.
  • They are often more affordable than traditional candles.
  • A contrast to reality, realistic flameless candles aren't real. So you can use them in situations where real candles don’t work well. (such as a school party).
  • Flameless candles are a good choice for kids, pets, and the elderly. They don't have real flames, so they are less dangerous for kids who want to touch them or play with them.

What to look for when choosing realistic flameless candles

Some of today's flameless candles may appear quite realistic even you can't feel the difference without touching them. Consider buying flameless candles with LED lights because LEDs flicker like real flames compared to others.

You should also check the size of the flame and the color of the flame. For example, a candle with a blue flame will look much different from one with an orange or yellow flame.

The texture is also important to consider; some flameless candles have a smooth wax texture, while others come with ridges and bumps resembling real candles.

In addition, whether the candle comes with remote control and whether it gives off a fragrant wafting scent as real candles do.

Realistic flameless candles type and their sizes

Realistic flameless candles come in all shapes, colors, and sizes, just like real candles. Votives, tapers, and pillar candles are the three most common candle shapes.

Taper candles:

A taper candle is a thin, tall, cylindrical candle commonly used in formal dining settings. They range in diameter from 0.5 inches to 3 inches and are usually between 6 inches and 18 inches tall. Flameless taper candles look ideal in candleholders of the same height and breadth to keep them vertical and secure because of their tall and narrow structure.

Pillar candles:

Pillar candles are the most popular type of flameless candle because they offer a real flame look. They are available in different diameters (from less than two inches to four inches) and come with a real wax dripping effect; some even emit crackling sounds.

Their height varies from less than three inches to more than ten inches. One can easily distinguish it from other types of candles by their cylindrical shape.

These cylindrical candles are stunning on their own and look even better when placed on attractive candle stands. The Pillar candles are perfect for adding a unique touch to any room or event. You can group three or more pillar candles of varying heights to make for a stunning display.

Tea light candles:

Tea lights are the smallest realistic flameless candles available in the market. They are just 1.5 inches in diameter and about an inch tall. They are great for decorative purposes or real-life events that require real tea light candles but where safety is a concern (for example, if children handle them).

Tea light candles are helpful for various purposes, including banquet table centerpieces and tea light holders in lanterns and luminaries. The most admirable aspect about flameless tea light candles is that they will survive a long time compared to tea lights, which are so tiny that they typically burn down in an hour or two.


Flameless votive candles are similar in size to tea light candles but slightly taller, look stunning in multi-panel displays, such as on a coffee table or a dresser top, or with a vase, books, or even plush decoration pieces.

Realistic flameless candles construction

Usually, flameless candles are made of real wax, paraffin, soy wax, or beeswax. Some scented candles gradually release scent into the air. Like real candles, flameless candles can soften and melt if they're exposed to high temperatures (approx 115 degrees Fahrenheit). Therefore, avoid placing them in sunny summer windows.

A few flameless candles are composed of plastic rather than wax, and while these candles won't soften, lose their shape, or melt the wax, keep in mind that they aren't as lifelike as the real thing. Flameless candles for outdoor use should have waterproofing features, such as a silicone seal.

Light Effects:

Like the ones seen here, realistic flameless candles are a great way to decorate without worrying about fire. Flickering LED lights imitate the flicker of real flames, and some models include both flickering and constant flames settings.

Some flameless candles are available in a variety of colors and are battery-operated. For example, some include color-changing LED lights for evoking particular emotions. Many come with remote controls to change color, brightness and turn the candles on and off.

realistic flameless candles; flameless candles; LED candles; fake candles
Photographer: Łukasz Nieścioruk | Source: Unsplash


Realistic flameless candles are available in a variety of designs and styles. Most of these are real wax, but some are plastic. Nonetheless, both look real. Many flameless candles come with remote controls for color-changing LED lights that evoke particular emotions or moods. You can choose the decoration style you'd like to add.


When it comes to style, flameless candles are similar to real candles. Sometimes you can't distinguish the real candles from the fake ones.

Flameless candle makers know this, and many of them include artistic features such as dripping wax that gives the impression that the candle is about to melt.


A high-quality LED candle flame can endure for 10,000 hours or more, but the batteries that power the candle must be changed once every 300 hours or so. Batteries will last longer if your candle has a built-in shut-off option that shuts it off after one or two hours. For use in bedrooms, consider automatic shut-off candles. The candles will flicker gently at bedtime and then turn off when the user has fallen asleep.

Features of realistic flameless candles

Steady flame Vs. flicker

While some people prefer the look of realistic flameless candles, others find them too bright. If you're looking for a realistic flameless candle with a flickering effect, choose one that has an adjustable flame setting or buy a LED candle that comes with remote control. If you only want accent lighting, choose flameless candles that can be on/off devices that provide a constant glow.

A timer makes them easy to use

Timers are typically available in all battery candles. If you're using wax-based realistic flameless candles with a timer setting, make sure that it has an automatic shut-off feature so that the candle doesn't stay lit all night long after turning back on automatically.

A remote control eases the control.

Many realistic flameless candles are controlled with a remote, which is especially helpful if you want to change the color of your candle or turn it on and off when entering or leaving the room.

Color-changing feature makes a fascinating effect.

Some flameless candles have a color-changing feature which means that they gradually cycle through different hues of one or more colors. A flameless candle with remote control is the easiest type to change its appearance since you can choose the desired shade without getting up from your seat. Color-changing candles are great for special occasions too!

A scented flameless candle produces an authentic aroma

Flameless candles are made from real fragrant high-quality soy or paraffin wax. Many of these candles come in a choice of colors and scents, such as vanilla, lavender, pumpkin spice, and fresh linen. Wax-based realistic flameless candles with a fragrance pod are an electronic system that uses real fragrant oils to disperse the aroma.

The wax-dipped feature makes them look real.

Sometimes you can't differentiate between a real wax candle and a fake candle. Some candles come in wax-dipped real wax. This makes the flameless candle look and feels like real wax candles, but you have to be careful with these because the wax will start to melt if they get too hot.


Before choosing a flameless candle, make sure to check the environmental requirements. Some flameless candles are only for indoor use because they may not withstand outdoor weather conditions such as wind and rain.

Bluetooth Connectivity

Some realistic flameless candles have Bluetooth connectivity so that you can play your favorite music right from the candle!

Let's now look at our top picks of flameless candles and their features that make them amazing!

These are the best realistic flameless candles.

Of course, if you want to choose the best led realistic flameless candles, our top-rated scented candles are worth a look.

1. Homemory 72 Pcs Flameless Tealight Candles

These LED flameless tealight candles burn beautifully with no fire hazard or smoke, ashes, or mess to clean up! These elegant flickering votive tea light candles are perfect for weddings, restaurants, and wine bars. You can conceal them within your favorite candle holders too.

Their light is a pleasant white, with a mild yellow tint that mimics real candlelight. Although there is no automatic timer or remote, you can still easily adjust the light by pressing a tab switch on the bottom of each candle.

This lovely flameless tealight set comes with 2 AA batteries included so that you can enjoy them right out of the box. The Homemory 72 Pcs Flameless Tealight Candles is a great deal for those who want to get multiple candles.

What we like:

  • Best realistic flameless candles as tea lights.
  • They can be used alone or in a holder.
  • Glowing softly in a subtle yellow hue
  • Come with 2 AA batteries

What we don't like:

  • No timer or auto shut-off feature.

2. 5plots 6" x 3" Flickering Flameless Candles

These real-looking real wax flameless candles are a great way to enhance the mood of any room. These fake candlelights will add ambiance and elegance wherever they're used, from a festive party to a romantic dinner for two.

The flame moves as if it is real, with just enough light flickering from the top, passersby will see them and think they are real candles. Since they are battery-operated, it is excellent for areas where an open flame is not desired or possible.

Also, these are eco-friendly! The flameless pillars provide a soft, warm yellow candlelight glow without real flame or smoke. They are safe to use even in a child or pet knocking over one, no fire hazard! The timer has 2H/4H/6H/8H settings, so you can set it and forget it or use the remote to turn them on and off. These dancing flames will amaze your guests!

What we like:

  • Very real looking
  • Flame moves
  • Timer feature
  • Remote control included
  • The ivory color is very versatile.

What we don't like:

  • No negative aspects. We love these candles!

3. Candle Impressions Patented Faux Wick Cream Wax Flameless Pillar Candles

These real-looking cream wax flameless candles by candle impression are a great way to enhance the mood of any room. These fake candlelights will add ambiance and elegance wherever they're used, from a pleasant evening to a party.

The patented faux wick makes these flickering candles look even more real. No one will tell you that they're not real candles.

This flickering candle throws vanilla-scented light that will make any room smell great! These pillar candles are made of real wax and have a realistic wick that gives the appearance of a real flame. These candles are battery operated and come with batteries included. And, the five-hour auto timer is also a great feature, so you don't have to worry about turning them off.

What we like:

  • Great as realistic flameless candles
  • Real wick
  • Scented
  • Auto timer
  • It comes with a battery
  • Different sizes for versatility
  • The ivory color is very versatile

What we don't like:

  • No remote control

4. Flamecon Flameless Battery Operated Candles

These ivory battery-operated pillar candles by Flamecon are a great way to add ambiance and elegance to any room. The real wax pillars have a soft, flickering light that looks like real burning candles.

These realistic flameless candles come with a real wax look and feel. The flickering light creates an ambiance perfect for parties, weddings, or other special events! They can be used in real candle holders or on their stands.

Moreover, this candle set comes with remote control and 12 pillar candles. They come with a key remote control that can be used to turn them on or off, set the timer for two, four, or six hours, or set them to cycle through different colors.

What we like:

  • Realistic looking
  • Remote control included
  • The cycling feature allows you to set the candles
  • These candles are a great way to celebrate any occasion!

What we don't like:

  • No real cons. The candles are great so far, and do what you need them to!

5. Shymery Flameless Votive Candles

These real-looking flameless votive candles by Shymery are a great way to create the perfect ambiance and romance wherever they're used. The wax candle looks and feel will make it seem like you have real candlelight in your home.

These battery-operated lights come in a set of 24 and are perfect for use as wedding decorations, party supplies, or even Halloween decor. These tealight candles measure 1.48" X 1.6 inches in size.

The votive candles are made of high-quality plastic and provide warm white light that looks like real burning candles. These beautiful votives are battery-operated and are perfect for real candle holders. Even when you place them in a fancy candle holder, no one will be able to tell that they're not real candles!

What we like:

  • Realistic looking
  • Warm white light creates the perfect ambiance
  • High-quality plastic
  • It comes in a set of 24
  • It can be used for any occasion!

What we don't like:

  • No remote control
  • Manually on/off only

6. Eywamage Gray Glass Flameless Candles with Remote

Last on our list are real-looking flameless candles by Eywamage. These are great to add elegance and sophistication to any setting. The smokey gray glass gives these candles a modern look that will complement any home décor. They don't require a candle holder.

These battery-operated candles come with a remote control so you can easily turn them on or off, set the timer, or change the brightness.

These glass candles have a flickering light that looks like real burning candles. This three-pack candle set is perfect for using as seasonal home decor, gifts, or even a party centerpiece!

What we like:

  • Remote control included
  • Elegant smokey gray glass
  • Flickering flame
  • Perfect for home seasonal decorating, gifts, and parties!
  • Different sizes for versatility

What we don't like:

  • The battery is not included.

To conclude:

We tested many flameless candles for this post. After hours of testing real candles side by side, we chose the Candle Impression LED Battery Operated Pillar Candles as the best realistic flameless candles. They are undoubtedly durable, waterproof, and have longer battery life.

We also vote for the 5plots Flameless Candles as real-looking flameless wax candles with remote control comfort. If you're looking for a luxurious real candle, the Eywamage Flameless Candles are perfect and come in Ivory color with a hefty price tag.

We also consider Homemory flameless tealight candles as the best flameless tea lights.

Let us know about your favorite flameless candle in the comments. Till then, Happy Flameless Aromatherapy!

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