The Right Romantic Candle Can Make The Difference

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How to choose the right romantic candle? Does the right romantic candle really make a difference? Why are candles a must-have in taking romantic moments to the next level? Which scents of candles are romantic? Top-picks of experts when it comes to romantic scented candles?

When thinking about setting up a twinkling atmosphere to warm the cockle of your lover's heart. Above mentioned and many other questions might have crossed your mind.

Hang on till the end of this article to find the best romantic candle along with many other fun facts and ideas which you can adapt. Try to pour them in to make your special days worth remembering!

romantic candle; romance candles; sexy candles

We all romanticize candles!

Have you ever noticed bright lights irritate us (when in the mood for relaxing, lol), making us attentive in surroundings? While mild and warm lights induce a feeling of relaxation and calm our body & soul?

That is because human bodies respond according to light's harshness and mildness. Releasing hormones and the functioning of the nervous system is also affected by light.

The flickering flame of the romantic candle provides a natural, warm glow. It relaxes the nervous system, setting up the right romantic mood!

Moreover, it is scientifically proven that fragrances do spark emotions. They take us down memory lane. Isn't it strange how a certain scent reminds us of a loved one's perfume? How does a specific fragrance pull us years back and all at once make us live that particular moment once again? Each of us experienced this at least once in our life!

Hence, this makes clear how strongly scents affect our mood and memory. Candles aren't only considered as a source of providing warm light. To play other roles, they're blended with aromatic essential oils. This makes them give off heavenly – making them an icon of romanticism.

A romantic candle creates an ambiance

Remember when Eric Clapton said, "I feel wonderful because I see the love light in your eyes"?

You may have generally noticed the sparkle and glitter in the eyes of a person when they talk about/to someone they love. Coming to the facts, pupils of the eye enlarge when you talk about/to the one you've feelings for. This gesture of eyes conveys a romantic signal to the person in front.

Also, the candlelight casts a mild glow, limiting focus and making the person sitting next- The center of attention. This blurs out unwanted nearby distractions resulting in beautiful intimate moments! They are labeled as the romantic candle for the deep level of intimacy they provide.

While the right romantic scent spices it all up, these romance candle's scents act as aphrodisiacs. They promote romance by stimulating senses and enhancing mood & arousal.

Light a romantic candle for spicing up romance

romantic candle; romance candles; sexy candles
Photographer: Jonathan Borba | Source: Unsplash

Does anything else reflect romance better than burning a romantic candle & fresh flowers? (especially rose, wink) A big NO!

A romantic candle can be blindly included in setups. Whether it's for intimate dinners, relaxing baths, or even on cozy nights in your bedroom, they sprinkle the touch of love in the atmosphere. These cute little flickering flames set an ambiance of undeniable romance!

Not only do we feel scents radiating romanticism, but even science also agrees with this! American Academy of Neurological and Orthopaedic Surgeons did a study about scents. The conclusion was: a few scents are sexually arousing in males. Among them, pumpkin scent tops the list.

Likewise, other sexy scents include:

  • Orange
  • Lavender and donuts
  • Doughnut and black licorice
  • Pumpkin pie and doughnut
  • Lavender and pumpkin pie

Some romantic candle setting ideas!!!

There are many ways you can carry the sexy ambiance of your favorite romantic candle in any place of your home.

  1. Tealights placed in aesthetic candle holders are a good choice. Place them at a slightly distant place from the bathtub and enjoy a long refreshing & relaxing bath!
  2. A few cute floating scented candles placed in a water-filled decent glass bowl at the center of your coffee/dining table are all set to give off romantic vibes.
  3. Led candles scattered on a small area of white sandy beach next to turquoise blue water are all you need for a truly romantic fairytale proposal. Can someone still say no to something this magical? Of course not! ( W-i-n-k-s)
  4. For surprising your love on valentine’s day/ anniversary, with rose petals sprinkled all over and tempting great-smelling votives placed on a pretty candle holder. What else sets the mood for romance better than floral scents?
romantic candle; romance candles; sexy candles
Photographer: Nicholas Ng | Source: Unsplash
  1. Or you can fill up your room with fresh heavenly-smelling red roses and a pair of white romantic candle. Set them at side tables, vanity, and other elevated places in the room. This will surely set the perfect arc on your beloved's face!
  2. When going for huge party setups, tall candles make a jaw-dropping romantic combo. Mix it up with floral-theme decoration which will make you fall in love all over again.
  3. Even to say a quick sweet apology without the hassle and making a mess. Use a flameless pillar candle to add a little glow in the room and pair it up with a sweet-smelling bouquet of fresh flowers. In this case, apology acceptance is guaranteed!

The list doesn't end here; it can go as long as creatively you pour your ideas into it!

The scented romantic candle that is right for romance

Lighting a romantic candle creates a guaranteed intimate vibe. If you're thinking about spicing it all up, then choosing the right scent of these sexy candles is necessary!

To ease your selection process, let me quickly give you a brief intro about each scent and how each one of them affects your mood.

1) Rose

Rose – the love ingredient. You can't express love without adding a few sweet-smelling bright-colored silk roses! Can you? Even if you can't manage to get a few freshly picked roses, the rose-scented romantic candle comes to your rescue! Rose scent delivers emotions of romance, hope, delight & love. They are the no-fail trick to surround love birds in a romantic atmosphere for acing your date!

2) Jasmine

Can one ever go wrong with jasmines? Of course not! The scent of jasmine is a whole charm of nostalgia. It naturally alters the mind and boosts up the mood due to its aphrodisiacal quality. Jasmine is an iconic scent when it comes to promoting intimacy.

3) Lavender

Lavender is the most used scent. It is famous for its royal and sweet fragrance. Its smell makes you relaxed by decreasing heart rate and blood pressure. It helps you combat stress giving you an energy boost making you feel carefree and happy.

4) Ylang Ylang

The deep rich aroma of ylang-ylang is sweet, combined with a mild floral scent. It brings hints of banana, bitter orange, custard, and jasmine, followed by slightly bold traces of honey & spice.

Burning this romantic candle calms you down, levels up your romantic mood, and makes you experience an intense wave of love. Want to fill your surroundings with a romantic, sweet, and exciting fragrance? Get a ylang-ylang scented candle!

5) Citrus

The citrus scent conjures up through a warm and fruity combo. Its invigorating aroma promotes sexual desire. If you want a naughty ambiance to dwell in the freshness of spring & the warmth of summer, then go for citrus-scented candles.

On a fruity note, in twenty percent of men, the citrus scent was found to produce an arousal reaction! (Maybe that's the reason these are must-notes in Cire Trudon)

6) Peppermint

The name itself gives off refreshing cool vibes! Doesn't it? The fresh and slightly sharp scent of peppermint-scented candles is all you need if you've planned your date on a hot day. Its minty fragrance guarantees to lighten up moods. They lower stress and nervousness. So if it's your first date, you know what you need! A peppermint-scented romantic candle!

From the above scents, go for the one which you believe best describes romance, for you love birds.

Scented romantic candle for meals? – A Big No!

If you're willing to enhance the love ambiance of your dinner by placing romantic candles, then DON'T ever choose scented ones. Lighting scented candles will interfere with your tasty meals and mess up their aroma as well.

Use unscented candles at dinners. If you want to maintain the charm without hindering the mouthwatering smell & flavor of the food you're intending to serve!

Go through the following list of guidelines and suggestions to shop for the best unscented romantic candle:

  • Love seeing flickering flames of colored sexy candles? When it comes to dinners, be privy to the fact that ONLY WHITE, off-white candles tempt romantic dinner tables.
  • Difficult to resist yourself from picking those cool colored candles? To maintain elegance and tradition, choose metallic colors (golden, silver & even black).
  • Unscented candles are free from harmful chemicals used in artificial fragrances. Still, they may include paraffin – watch out! Try not to go for them for the sake of keeping air quality clean.
  • Try getting unscented candles made of 100% coconut, soy, or beeswax. Opting these will maintain the romantic ambiance while keeping the air clean and the environment healthy!
romantic candle; romance candles; sexy candles
Photographer: Thomas William | Source: Unsplash
  • For romantic candlelit dinners, pair up candelabra & taper candles. They'll cast an aesthetically pleasing and romantic look on your table.
  • Unscented lovely jar candles or alluring votives in the dining room absorb well in romantic settings. They give you a cozy and home-like feeling.
  • You can use unscented gorgeous taper candles at your tables for formal dinners. Their presence reflects class and elegance.
  • Want a simple yet classy dining table? A couple of adorable taper candles in fascinating candle holders among fresh rose petals never fails to mark the impression!

Shapes that are considered sexy for a romantic candle

Romantic candles come in many sexy scents and sizes. Their appealing shapes and attractive fragrances guarantee to change the vibes and dial up the romance!

A classy-shaped romantic candle adds up an elegant look to the setup. Done for dinner/wedding/date or even for spending a cozy evening wrapped in your lover's arms:

  • Taper candles.
  • Rose-shaped candle.
  • Small round candles.
  • Heart-shaped candles.
  • Cute lip-shaped candles
  • Geometric-shaped candles
  • Other flower-shaped candles.

Best Romantic Candle – Here are 7 Expert's Picks:

It is indeed difficult to choose the right romantic candle from a plethora of candles. Carefully choose the right one for transforming your dwelling into a hub of intimate love!

Below we've mentioned top picks preferred by our expert's which do stand out from the crowd. Each one of these will certainly prove itself as – The right romantic candle to bring the difference!

#1 Dirty By Mood Candle Co.

Top on our list is 7 oz "Dirty" by Mood Candle Co. It is a safe, non-toxic, clean-burning soy wax candle. This romantic candle contains notes of violet and cardamom. They mellow into floral accord of Asian jasmine & pink rose followed by heart notes of sweet musk.

It smells clean like soap. Its sophisticated and classic scent will drive you into deeper levels of relaxation during meditation. Its earthy scent makes you feel close to nature, and floral notes add bloom to it.

It makes your room smell tidy & calm. Also, it offers aromatherapy benefits and helps you to combat stress-inducing a relaxing ambiance.

It is made of 100% natural soy wax, essential oils, a phthalate-free fragrance, and a cotton wick. They burn cleanly for a good 50 hours!

Mood Candle Co. believes in healthy candles and avoids the use of chemicals, dyes, and additives. These candles are hand-poured in the USA by skilled artisans and come in chic twist top-glass jars. The jars are reusable and recyclable.

#2 First Date By Love & Linger

Coming in a close second on our list is the 16 oz signature scent of Love & Linger, "First Date." It is a luxury soy & beeswax candle. This romantic candle features notes of apricot nectar & jasmine and heart notes of musk, tonka beans, and precious wood.

This romance candle casts a magical spell with its irresistibly sweet apricot fragrance, which is followed by an intoxicating and addictive scent of jasmine and earthy notes, making it all classic and mature.

Its scent can extend evenly in a decent-sized room. It smells like a sophisticated and adult version of "love spell" by bath & body works.

This hand-poured candle contains the finest essential oils and premium fragrances. They are blended with beeswax and organic soy. It burns evenly with 3 classy lead-free cotton wicks. When burnt, it fills the whole room with a potent smell without overpowering or giving you headaches.

The candle sits in an oh-so-gorgeous lavender jar and has a pretty golden lid. It can make the most thoughtful gift & décor item. The person is guaranteed to fall in love with its warm & inviting ambiance.

#3 Flameless Candles | LED Candles By Vinkor

Third on our list lies "LED- Candles" or "Flameless candles" by Vinkor. These candles have elegantly replaced traditional candles. When safety is your main concern without letting down the love ambiance – get them.

You can use them widely on any occasion without worrying about fire hazards in the presence of children and pets.

What makes them more interesting is real wax in which LED bulbs are tucked-in. YES, they are real wax candles! With its flame stimulation technology, its flame can flicker-bringing a realistic experience!

The set has 9 elegant remote-controlled LED pillar candles ( 2 x 4", 2 x 5", 2 x 6", 1 x 7", 1 x 8", 1 x 9"). Each is 2.2" in diameter and needs 2 x AA batteries to operate. They have a timer feature which, when set, turns candles on & off automatically. Isn't it cool? Because of this, these candles can be used in lanterns too!

#4 Ignite By Kama Sutra

Next up is this 6 oz Ignite romantic candle with a rich skin conditioning formula that lies fourth on our list. It contains shea butter and coconut oil blended with vitamin E, creating an ultra-moisturizing formula. Upon lighting, it melts into luxurious fragrant massage oil.

Let this adorable candle burn for 10-20 minutes, then pour it onto your skin. The nourishing oils rub and penetrate silkily and smoothly into your skin. It comes in a pretty metallic jar with a functioning pour spout.

Best part? Its wax doesn't form a sticky residue on the skin. Massage will physically make you calm, easy, and light. At the same time, the rich aromatic scent of this blend will mentally take you to tropical white sandy beaches where fresh cool breezes make you feel relieved. It smells fruity, sweet, and refreshing.

This blend of scents of papaya, juicy berry, and luscious passion fruit is mellowed with a hint of mango. During the romantic massage, it promises to take you to islands. This, for some reason, is Amazon's Choice!

#5 Love + Passion By Chesapeake Bay

This 8.8 oz romantic candle by the Chesapeake Bay named "Love + Passion" is Amazon's choice! These candles feature self-trimming wicks and are made of natural soy wax.

It uses natural essential oils to skilfully enhance the fragrance. They contain top citrusy notes of grapefruit, orange, and peach, followed by mild notes of berries and mangoes on the bed of vanilla & coconut. A scent that will, indeed, add a unique signature touch to your romantic moments!

It smells more like tangy mango & lemon tart, along with peaceful and calming traces of coconut.

It's a citrusy scent, when combined with floral fragrance, radiates the vibes and feeling of new romance!

The romance candle comes in a lovely mildly tangy-colored frosted jar with a lead-free wick and wooden lid. The eye-pleasing soft glow which shines through the jar upon lighting is inevitably soothing.

#6 Heart-Shaped Tealight Candles By BBTO

This pack of 9 heart-shaped romantic tealights candles by BBTO is also Amazon's Choice. These sexy candles are paired up with 200 gorgeous deep-red silky rose petals made of high-quality polyester. They look real and feel comfortable. The size of each rose petal is 2 x 2 in / 5 x 5 cm, which is approximately the exact size of real ones.

These are paraffin-wax candles. They don't create clouds of smoke and are non-toxic—each 2 cm in height and 16 cm in length.

They both work amazingly well in bridal shower themes and even in proposals or any other type of decorations.

It surrounds you with a lovely restorative and relaxing floral fragrance. Its fruity, sweet and rosy smell encourages us to take slow and deep breaths. Isn't it beautifully enough to dial up the romance?

#7 Beach Walk By Yankee Candle

Finally, here comes an entire beach experience trapped in this 22 oz Yankee'scandle named "Beach walk." Its refreshing fragrance really takes you to its name! It has top notes of clementine, ozone; tangerine softened with tangy notes of orange flowers, sea moss, and salty water. Its scent ends on earthy notes of orange blossom and musk.

Its candle wax is made up of high-quality paraffin and its wick of 100% natural fibers. This helps it to burn clearly. Also, it comes in a beautiful transparent glass jar. Through it subtle, classic, and soft icy-blue color of the candle is visible. It has a considerably good and impressive burn time of 110-150 hours.

In case you want to go to the beach without actually going to the beach then, you and the beach are just lit away!

Romantic candle FAQs:

Which candle scent is best for romance?

Apart from the above-mentioned sexy candles, other romantic scents, namely amber, neroli, tuberose, ginger, patchouli, and sandalwood, are stars of the show when it comes to sultry scents.

Scents like vetiver, cherry blossom, cedar, and bergamot set pretty well when it comes to only – cheering up the moods.

Which scent do men and women prefer on their partners?

According to a study, women prefer men wearing woody scents. In contrast, men confessed to being attracted more towards women wearing floral fragrances.

What are the colors of romantic candles?

Colors do affect moods. Colors that stand out in romantic candles are red, purple, burgundy, pink, white & black.

On a love note,

When you're with the right person, everything feels better, tastes sweeter, and looks even brighter. Love no longer reflects through materialism & You can feel it in the air!

But, to make your special person feel even more special, spend on these extravagances to pull off your dreamy days!

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